Foods that prevent impotence in male (Nutrition)  starthealth

Foods that prevent impotence in male (Nutrition) starthealth

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Foods that prevent impotence in male (Nutrition)

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Impotence can be prevented by simply improving your diet.

Eat a high vegetable protein diet. Include a green leafy salad every day

Eat plenty of potassium and selenium rich foods such as banana, potatoes, nuts etc…

Drink rich Potent -C Drink every morning for several months using the recipe below

For 4 drinks, mix in the blender

Avoid eating red meats and keep dietary salt and sugar low

Effective raw glandulars: Orchic W and Arginine

Smilax extract 10x, for increased testosterone production

Niacin (Not niacinimide) up to 300 mg

Vitamin C 3000Mg. if there is sperm agglutination

Country Life Max Caps and Energix Vials

Crystal star master builder capsules and Min-Zyme- Minos drink

Attention please for your information Ginseng is a re-generative herb. Please contact your doctor if you have any symptoms or before taking it.

Licorice/ Demiana caps to increase sperm count. Take with pineapple juice

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