Great Video on Timing of the Rapture and Is The Rapture During Rosh Hashanah

Great Video on Timing of the Rapture and Is The Rapture During Rosh Hashanah

In this Rapture video clip the actual timing of the rapture will be talked over. May possibly the timing of the rapture be related to Rosh Hashanah? Jesus Christ will quickly come to rapture the genuine Christ-followers looking for His return.

These are the end days! The Fast Coming Signs in the Heavens are becoming much closer. The rapture of genuine Christ-followers is incredibly near. Have you been helping wake up your friends and family? MORE Underneath!slimmer spray de slabit forum

*I highly recommend you SHARE This unique presentation is actually intended to be a witnessing tool for being provided and suggested to your family members which may not know about or just resist to have an understanding of Scriptures prophecy and also the warning signs of the days.macho man

Jesus Christ gives us an escape from the coming 7 years of hell-on-earth. In Luke 21:36 we read that He told us to watch and pray that we may do just that – escape. This escape is the rapture of His church BEFORE the the seven yr agreement is confirmed by Antichrist with Israel! HalleluYah!ortodonta warszawa opinie

Important note: To assert to know the “day and hour” of the rapture or 2nd coming of Messiah, you need 1st the exact year. Since I do not know the years of these events, no rapture date is mentioned or stated within this video clip. Merely a timeframe was presented based on scriptural, astronomical and Hebraic facts.el macho

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