Client tells of beliefs, miss beliefs and how to make a three foot putt

Client tells of beliefs, miss beliefs and how to make a three foot putt

I met Scott Cooper a few years ago when he walked into my office and introduced himself as a certified medical hypnotherapist. I was polite but thought to myself, just let him say what he wants to say and thank him for coming in. I told him that day that I was a very strong
Christian man and I didn’t agree with that kind of “work.”

He assured me that our lines of work were similar in that we both try to help people heal from pain. After he left and for the next few weeks, I
was thinking about the things Scott shared with me with regard to his work, and I wondered if he could actually help me help my clients.

He came in again and we spoke a little longer. He asked me if I would like to come over to his house, studio where he worked so he could show me how he does a basic “intake” with his patients. I told him I would, but I did not want to be hypnotized! He laughed and agreed. The night before I was to meet with him, I told my wife and kids about my plans for the next day.

My daughter (11 years old at the time) started crying and told me that I couldn’t go because it was against what the bible teaches us. Her emotional response surprised me, and I now had a decision to make. I promised my daughter that I was just going to meet the man and see how he helps people so that maybe he could help some of my clients who are having a hard time overcoming their pain. I also promised her that I would not let him hypnotize me or put me under any kind of “spell.”

Our meeting was enlightening. I could begin to see that if people became aware of how strong their unconscious mind works, they could be in better control of many aspects of their lives. At the end of our meeting, Scott asked me if there was anything in my
life I would like to change. I laughingly told him, “Oh no, don’t try to trap me now!” He then asked me what I like to do and I told
him I love to play golf. He asked me what area of my game would I like to improve and I said, “I can’t make a three-foot putt.” He didn’t say anything, so I asked him, “So, how are you going to make my subconscious mind fix THIS??” He told me that I already fixed myself. When I asked him how I did this, he asked me what I said to him earlier.
I told him “I CAN’T make a three-foot putt.” I then realized that the reason I was missing
so many short putts was that my mind was telling me “I CAN’T.” He then gave me some tips to use when I’m
standing over a putt of any length and I can honestly say that I have putted consistently
better over the past few years.

From then on, Scott has helped me with some other issues and has also helped some of my clients in ways my skills cannot. I have and will continue to refer clients and friends to Scott whenever I think he can help them. I consider Scott Cooper a good friend and
look forward to a long professional relationship with him.


D (Oxford)

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