Morbid obesity surgery is a very

Morbid obesity surgery is a very

Morbid obesity surgery is a very challenging task among health care providers. Doing an operation to an obese person is very delicate and has many considerations. Unlike normal adults, obese people have altered metabolism so they react differently to medications. But before we talk about surgery we must first understand what morbid obesity is.

Morbid Obesity Surgery

Morbid obesity is defined as a condition wherein a person’s body weight is 40%-100% higher than the ideal weight for his or her age. Obesity can be caused by many factors. Many people say that dietary intake is the main cause but according to research lifestyle contributes more to obesity than diet although genetics also determines predisposition to the condition. Other probable causes are medical conditions like diabetes mellitus type II and hypothyroidism. According to recent researches also, the type of food that is available in the market nowadays also contribute to obesity especially those that contain preservatives.multislim

Obesity can be determined by measuring the person’s body mass index. This is calculating the person’s body fat in relation to weight and height. The formula for getting the person’s BMI is . A person is classified as obese if his or her BMI is 30 kg/m2 or more.flekosteel xuất xứ

Morbid obesity can only be cured by surgery and there are many types of surgery that could help improve the condition. Another term for morbid obesity surgery is bariatric surgery. This is a kind of surgery wherein the anatomy of the digestive system altered to enhance digestion, absorption and excretion of waste.wondercells

Types of Morbid Obesity Surgery

There are two types of Morbid obesity surgery. These are the restrictive type and the malabsorptive type. Restrictive types include gastric banding and stomach stapling. Gastric banding is done by creating a pouch above the stomach that could hold approximately one ounce of food. This allows slow passage of food to the stomach thus making the person feel full for a longer period of time. For stomach stapling, the size of the stomach is decreased so that it will have decrease capacity to hold food hence the person will have the feeling of fullness faster. Once the stomach reaches its maximum stretch, it will send a signal to the brain that its full thus lessening the person’s craving for food.

Morbid Obesity Surgery Facts

Here are some morbid obesity surgery facts. Malabsorptive morbid obesity surgeries are no longer encouraged because it predisposes the obese person to many caloric nutritional deficiencies. As much as we want to decrease an obese person’s weight, we also must make sure that they would still meet their nutritional and caloric needs. For severe cases, a combination of both morbid obesity surgeries can be done.

Those who have BMI above 40 kg/m2 are the ones advised to undergo a morbid obesity surgery. They will have to undergo massive tests before they could undergo the surgery because obese people have decreased healing rate, altered heart and circulatory functions, impaired bleeding and clotting time and they also react differently to anesthetics. Positioning and obtaining vital signs is also difficult considering the size and weight.

Always remember that you are what you eat. So if you have genetic predisposition to obesity, you must prevent its development by eating healthy foods and living a non sedentary and healthy lifestyle. If you think that you are morbidly obese, get you BMI and consult your doctor. Who knows your condition might need immediate morbid obesity surgery.

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