Call it a fruit or vegetable but one can not deny it as a multiple fruit. Yes it is strawberry. The fun behind story of strawberries is really is that any fruit or vegetable has itself within in but strawberries are real collection of many fruits with in. Indeed strawberries are multiple fruit with many fruits inside it. Stawberries are one of the species which is highly juicy, nutritious and even being damn pretty with the looks!!!.


Anything more fresh will make too more fresh. The same goes with the strawberries. They are even more healthier and tastier when taken in their fresh state. Hence they are even more nutritious that hour. They can be taken being raw or being cooked. But the fact of being more nutritious in their raw state makes people to have it raw.goji cream nedir

There are numerous ways to use strawberries with different serving ideas. One can add them in green salad, adding them to shakes, with juices like orange juice and the list goes on experiments.maxman preis

Now comes the most important part. Why to make strawberries part of ur life that’s gonna turn it even healthier.big bust kde kúpiť

The health benefits strawberries provide us is simply all enough to Mke urself stronger, prettier and ofcourse healthier.varikosette funciona

Treating diseases ,disorders strawberries are even effective in maintain metabolic and regular activities of the body very balanced and controllable.collamask форум

Being rich in anti oxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients strawberries are useful in –hondrocream skład

  1. Curing Cancers

The presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients strawberries come out to be very affective in treating threatening disease like cancers precisely breast cancers, Colon cancers and cervical cancers. Strawberries have been to reduce theactivities of compounds like cyclo-oxygenase2 and nitric oxide synthase which are pro inflammatory compoundscreates symptoms for cancers .Hence strawberries help to deactivate their activities.el macho cena

  1. Treating diabetes

We all are pretty familiar with the disease called diabetes. This disease is not much harmful due to its own nature but more because if on caught with the other it doesn’t let get even treated. So why take a chance to let this disease take a place in life when we got a precaution for it. Yes the strawberries again. Strawberries are really helpful in decreasing blood sugar level which keeps the record of sugar level of the body in to increase male potency naturally

It is found that polyphenol present in strawberries helps in maintain proper balance of sugar level in blood.anabolic rx24

  1. Cardiovascular diseases

Due to outstanding content of anti oxidants and anti inflammatory nutrients in strawberries the benefits it provides to cardiovascular system is tremendously great.

Being the best source of pivotal oxidant research has declared them one of the best medicines in treating diseases of the same. Our heart vessels along with blood vessels need a daily protection from oxidation effects hence strawberries come out like a soldier on the battle field to fight with those harmful effects.

  1. Treating arthritis

Phytonutrients of strawberry has created created a positive and healthier difference in fields like inflammation relating arthiritis. With regular intake of strawberries one can keep such problems far away and even inflammation relating diseases of eyes can be avoided with the proper intake o f strawberries.

  1. Solving bowel problems

Medicine to Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis disease.The presence of salicylic acids in strawberries help them to treat these diseseases. Though the amount of acids present in them is pretty less but yet it has a remarkable affect against these diseases and helps to make them fly away from our lives.

  1. Fighting aging

Now the prettier strawberries look the much prettier it can keep you too. Strawberries are very good anti aging agents that can make you look younger no matter how years you completed or completing of your life. The phytonutrients in strawberries helps in lowering the levels of pro inflammatory molecules that works adversely in short helps in making you look older. So strawberries are a pack of looking young again.

  1. Helps in skin repairment

Very glow of your face is reflected from your face skin ,The much cleaner skin pores are the much skin will be able to breath that’s what all will make it healthier. Strawberries are good stock of vitamin C which helps in repairing the tissues and providing the collagen protein which is required in high amount by the skin. Hence strawberries can play major role in keeping your skin shinning and make you glowing.

  1. Moisturize your hair

Its anti oxidant effects helps in protection of cell membranes which helps in prevention of formation of hydrophobic layer on the scalp surface ,the layer which obvious doesnot let the water to reach deep inside. So applying strawberries in meshed version will help to sort this problem out.

9. Immunity booster

Immunity fights back. So making it stronger to keep yourself stronger is a matter of great concern. Vitamin C of strawberries are responsible for working on your body making it all fit and fine and eveready to fight with anti agents acting anti to the body.

10.Better for eyes

Eyes ,The most beautiful part god gifted us. Not because they are beautiful but more because it connects us to the beautiful world. So why don’t care for them. WE have a simple to keep them beautiful by keeping them beautiful with a easy solution of having strawberry daily. Strawberries can keep problems like cataracts, loosing of visions away far away. Vitamin C here again plays the role.

11.Helps fighting cholesterol

Phyto nutrients of strawberries keep ur beelies in. So simple logic strawberries in cholesterol out. Strawberries are have phenolic compounds in it which act as strong anti oxidants and inhibits the lipo protein popularly called as LDL oxidation.

Hence all aware now a simple strawberry making numerous miracles. Strawberries being so small has it all to make difference big and all. Bringing a srawbeery cam make one’s life very healthier and very soothing to life. I prefer to go for it , the moment we can open up our eyes.

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