Cosmetic Application Techniques

Cosmetic Application Techniques

There are several cosmetic application techniques that are used by top Tinseltown makeup artists and professional stylists on runways models and Hollywood actresses, both on movie sets and for special events across the world. These techniques apply to women of all ages. These techniques will really bring out your best features, and help camouflage areas you feel may need a little more help or a radiance boost.

We Will Discuss the Following Techniques:

  • Foundation Application Techniques
  • Eyebrow Shaping, Arching and Pencil Application
  • Eyeliner Application
  • Eyeshadow Color Choices and Application Techniques
  • Foundation: Color Choice and Application Technique

Foundation is one of the most important cosmetics you will purchase and use. It is absolutely imperative that you pick the right shade of foundation. Pick a shade lighter than your skin tone and try to stay away from reddish or pink tones, as they tend to look very "pink" and ruddy in artificial lighting, and can make your skin appear uneven and flushed.

Foundation Application Technique

It is not negotiable that you apply your foundation with a makeup pad. There are some really excellent sponge makeup applicators right now that are used by makeup artists, and are a favorite of women everywhere who want to get the most natural and well blended look from their foundation.

Makeup sponges create wonderful, even finish since they make it nearly impossible to put too much foundation on, due to their absorption of excess liquid. Be sure to thoroughly blend the makeup with the sponge, covering each and every area of the face evenly and equally, including right up to the hairline, and even on the neck, so that there is not an obvious "line" where your foundation ends and your real neck color begins!

Eyebrows: Shaping, Arching and Pencil Application Technique

Eyebrow pencils are also one of the most important cosmetics in your beauty collection and daily makeup routine. Carefully choose the pencil color to be a shade lighter than your natural eyebrow color. This way, it will look more natural, instead of obviously "drawn on". When tweezing, follow the natural arch and shape of the brow bone and be sure to tweeze any stray hair often, for a clean and classic eyebrow shape like those coveted brows of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Eyeliner: How to Select Color, and Application Technique

Eyeliner is a great cosmetic for accentuating, dramatizing, and bringing out your natural eye color and enhancing or even changing the shape of the eye. As with all other essential cosmetics, there is a specific technique for getting perfect results from eyeliner application. Brown is one of my personal favorites since it is so versatile and looks good on everyone in the daytime and at night. Brown can also be applied sparingly for a great, light daytime look, or more heavily for a smudgy, smoldering night time look.

Black eyeliner should probably be reserved for nights out on the town, or any night time usage, since black tends to be too severe in the natural daylight, and can actually wash you out and magnify complexion imperfections during the day when sun light is at its peak. If you still want to wear black during the day, that's fine. Just choose a more muted shade of black, such as a slate gray or a "grey black" - which is a great color between black and grey that many cosmetics companies are now offering.

Now that you know what color to use for eyeliner, here's the technique for applying it. Start with a sharp eyeliner pencil, lining the rim of your eye as close to the lower row of eyelashes as you can get without getting any of the cosmetic in your eye.

With a sponge-tipped cosmetics smudger, gently smudge the line you created using a gentle horizontal back and forth movement. You should always smudge your eyeliner at least a little bit - more if you want it more dramatic, or smokey looking. Eyeliner that has not been smudged looks to artificial and too severe. All good makeup jobs that you've seen are the result of good smudging!

If you want to make your eyes appear larger, use a bright white eye liner pencil (I know it seems weird, but trust me on this) on the very inner corners of the lower lid. This is a great trick that makeup artists use to create an optical illusion that the eyes are larger and brighter in color.

Eyeshadow: Color Selection and Application Technique

The first rule of thumb for this excellent and versatile, face altering cosmetic is to stay away from colors with pink, red or auburn hues, and these do not flatter most skin types. These tones actually tend to bring out the red, bloodshot look in the eyes, and make the eyes appear smaller than they really are, which I don't think is what any of us are aiming for!

Whether you wear browns, blues, greys or purples, make sure you have a nice pale nude or near white, slightly shimmery for the tops of your eyes, near the brow bone. Apply eyeshadow with a small, preferably fine haired or natural hair cosmetic brush. Don't go cheap on the brushes - you'll be sorry - you will get a superior finish and excellent durability if your spend a little more on a professional eyeshadow/eyeliner brush.

Brushes work much better than the small sponge-like applicators that usually come with most cosmetic cases when you buy eyeshadow at the store. Some of the new shimmery eye creams and squeeze tube liquid matte eyeshadows are also great for non-crease and lasting color - just be careful not to load up too much or it will look creased. Always apply eyeshadow a little more heavily on the crease between the upper and lower lid to add more depth and dimension to your eyes, and make them appear larger. Then, add the paler color to the top for added depth and perceived size.

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