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Erin Rogers is a busy, working mom of two busy kids with a busy husband and busy friends and family. Sound familiar?turbo max blue forumas

"After falling into a unhealthy, convenience-food diet and never having time to exercise, I put my foot down!" Erin said. "It was time to find out how I could incorporate healthy living habits into my life WITHOUT sacrificing time or convenience."flexa plus τιμή

Now Erin wants to share all the secrets, tips, techniques, recipes, ideas and skills she has learned with you.....

Imagine... eating delicious healthy meals and snacks, easily incorporating fitness and motivation into your daily life, being a fit and active role model for your children...

  • Every piece of information will help simplify and streamline your you''re free to focus on your most-pressing priorities.
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At last! A comprehensive cooking and fitness package created just for you, the busy mom...the busy single ...the busy anybody.

Do you ever feel like healthy recipes either take too long to prepare, don''t taste good, or are too difficult to make on busy weeknights?

If there was a cookbook that offered 140+ recipes that were quick, healthy AND delicious, would you be interested? What if these recipes included time-saving tips, side-dish suggestions and complete nutritional information?

And....what if this cookbook also offered an additional 60+ dinner ideas that didn''t require a recipe AT ALL?

This is a specialized archive of hand-picked recipes are the easiest, healthiest, most delicious recipes you''ll find anywhere. No fancy ingredients or equipment required. Erin''s recipe database is easily searchable by main ingredient or type of cuisine.

Don''t be fooled by some of the HUGE, free recipe sites online. A huge percentage of those recipes won''t be healthy, many won''t be quick-to-prepare, and who knows if they''re any good since they are most often posted by anyone who wants to submit a recipe. You''ll have to WADE THROUGH alot of duds to find recipes meeting your criteria at these sites, but.....

Erin will also share her secrets for preparing 50 no-recipe, quick dinners. She''ll show you how to make simple dinners by using healthy convenience foods, no-cook ideas and quick-cooking foods so that you can make the most of your busy evenings!

All you need to do is grab some foods from your refrigerator or pantry, or make a quick stop at the supermarket, and you''ll have a delicious, healthy dinner ready in minutes!

Well, realize that this package could easily sell for $100 or more. Just think if you went to your bookstore to buy cookbooks, fitness books, motivation books and more to get the same quality of resources you''ll find at, you could easily spend this much or more.

But I''m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. In fact, your total one-time investment for the complete package of resources is only $29.99.

Eat Well - Live Well. Join the one member''s only website that caters to busy people who...